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In a survey of 1,000 marketers worldwide by Rakuten Marketing, respondents estimated they waste an average of 26%of their budgets.

The Problem

Keeping track of marketing assets until they’re needed and getting them to and from site locations is a full-time job, but most brands and agencies don’t have the warehouses, personnel or technology to deliver.

When a project ends, an employee leaves or there is an agency change, assets can be misplaced, damaged or forgotten.

The Solution

POWERFUL technology

Dedicated Team

Nationwide network

Why choose us

Stacks logistics™️

  • Nationwide network of warehouses using integrated software and team
  • Powerful technology to track and manage assets no matter the agency, event, or location
  • Dedicated team providing integrated oversight
  • Storing, tracking and analyzing marketing and event materials is our singular focus

Agencies and Brands

  • Individual locations managed by individual teams
  • Limited technology to track assets
  • Disparate teams and limited oversight
  • Priority is brand growth, creative and execution

case study

THE CLIENT:  Global Brand executing multiple activations throughout the United States 


  • Activations required last minute changes that neither distributor nor Brand’s internal team were able to provide

  • Brand needed to mobilize existing assets but could not identify where they were; former account manager had left former agency and Brand could not reach the responsible party

  • Additionally, Brand needed to receive collection of assets from third parties but had no place to receive, open items and put together

  • Stacks’ personnel was able to receive, store, inventory, prepare and deliver the items to multiple locations with less than 48 hours, avoiding the need to bring in additional parties

  • Stacks’ traceability processes identified flaws in asset counts and names provided by the distributor, enabling Brand to replace missing items in time for activation

  • Additionally, Brand needed to receive collection of assets from third parties but had no place to receive, open items and put together

  • Stacks provided a location to accept and assemble assets and sourced missing materials

  • Once received, we applied barcodes to each item and scanned to create traceability

  • Items were inventoried, and we identified discrepancies between items said to have shipped and items received

  • Stacks team put items together and separated by project

  • We then delivered and setup activations in multiple states and picked up, inventoried and stored when activations were complete until ready to use again

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    Receiving, assembly and delivery

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