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In a survey of 1,000 marketers worldwide by Rakuten Marketing, respondents estimated they waste an average of 26%of their budgets.

Most Companies..

  • Struggle to receive, store, track, move, access and maintain assets in real time across all locations.
  • Experience high turnover or change agencies excessively leaving assets misplaced, damaged or forgotten.
  • Waste valuable time on asset management issues.
  • Lose money on damaged, over-ordered or underutilized assets.
  • Have insufficient asset tracking systems, resulting in higher costs, or worse, not locating assets when needed.
  • Have difficulty managing multi-state campaigns resulting in system and process failures.

Stacks Solutions:

  • We’re always available for last minute pickups or deliveries.
  • We have the skilled labor to help with event production and setup within facilities or event activation sites.
  • We’ve seen it all – we’re prepared for unusual requests and intricate projects.
  • We pride ourselves on having best-in-class inventory management across multiple locations, nationwide.
  • We stand by our transparent and fair pricing.

POWERFUL technology

Dedicated Team

Nationwide network

Why choose us


Facilities & Inventory Management

  • Integrated nationwide warehouses         unusual assets such as trailers, oversized items and delicate cargo, can be safely stored and protected within our climate controlled facilities. 
  • Dedicated teams that receive, store, analyze and deliver assets nationwide, professionally.
  • Comprehensive inventory management with detailed photos and descriptions to  catalogue all assets within our nationwide network.
  • Licensed and bonded alcohol storage.


Transportation & Logistics Services

  • Robust inventory tracking system with real-time asset visibility. Leave the headache with us. 
  • Advanced barcoding and scanning technologies for streamlined operations, quality control and maximized efficiency.
  • Optimized logistics for cost-effective shipping, and seamless pick-up and delivery options. You wont have to worry about your assets getting lost.
  • Same day, unusual & last-minute solutions and 24/7 support.
  • Transparent billing.


Solutions for Specialized Needs

  • Flexible services to accommodate last-minute shipping requests. We can even handle pickup at your preferred locations.
  • Customized solutions for fragile and unique item transportation, including custom crating, logistics or the handling of US Customs.
  • Setup, event execution and installation of assets.
  • No minimum contracts and never a commitment for storage.

Partial Client List

We collaborate with brands, agencies, and core companies, providing tailored logistics solutions to meet the unique demands of each industry sector.



case studies

A top beverage brand faced urgent activation changes without support from their distributor or internal team. Post-agency switch, asset location became a challenge, with no centralized receiving or assembly space for nationwide deliveries.

Stacks Solution

  • Stacks offered a central hub for asset acceptance, assembly, and sourcing missing materials.
  • Upon receipt, each item was barcoded and scanned for traceability.
  • Rigorous inventory checks preempted discrepancies before they escalated.
  • We facilitated multi-state activation delivery, setup, pickup, inventory, and storage seamlessly.

An event management company faced the challenge of organizing a product launch event, which included transporting delicate statues and managing the storage and distribution of marketing supplies. With multiple location deliveries required on short notice, the agency sought urgent assistance for this complex task.

Stacks Solution

  • Stacks leveraged their nationwide network ensuring all statues and marketing materials were delivered safely, efficiently and on time.
  • Stacks catalogued and organized all materials for future trackability.
  • Stacks facilitated the delivery and distribution of all unique items to vaarious destinations across the country.

An Event Production company sought assistance for an overseas event in Puerto Rico. Lacking internal logistics, they needed to consolidate and ship over 100 boxes from Miami, adhering to US Customs guidelines.

Stacks Solution

  • Stacks consolidated 109 boxes into 6 meticulously organized pallets, each scanned and barcoded for easy tracking.
  • Serving as proxy, Stacks managed all communication with US Customs to ensure secure and compliant delivery to Puerto Rico.
  • Collaborating with the event's receiving team, Stacks ensured thorough reconciliation of delivered items, guaranteeing all assets arrived intact and accounted for.

After the local UPS facility rejected delivery due to the significant size and weight of 7 oversized crates from Paris, our client turned to us for specialized services in managing and storing high-end inventory in New York City.

Stacks Solution

  • Arranged delivery through a heavy-duty Truck and Forklift after securing approval from UPS.
  • Enlisted professional carpenters to carefully open all crates with precision.
  • Procured a heavy-duty telehandler to safely transport delicate assets through the building's two-story window.


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